Support the Temple

Supporting the Temple through acts of Tzedakah helps us sustain the Temple and the many programs we are proud to offer.

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Judaism has a unique outlook on Tzedakah.  It is viewed not just as a voluntary act, but one of the mitzvot, commandments.  It is customary, though not required, to give Tzedakah after many events including:

  • After receiving on Aliya
  • After receiving on honor during services
  • In celebration of a birthday
  • At daily minyan
  • In memory of a loved one's yahrzeit
  • Before Shabbat


Does your home have a Tzedakah box?  Adding to your Tzedakah box at home before Shabbat is a great way to teach Tzedakah to your children, and a great way to bring in Shabbat with a mitzvah! 

Contribution Funds

If you are interested in donating to the Temple, there are many contribution funds to which you may donate.  Below is a listing of these funds along with a description of how each fund is used. 

General Contributions

Contrinutions are used wherever the Temple has a need.

Al & Sylvia Kaplan March of the Living / Israel - Poland Pilgrimage Fund

For congregation's teenagers to experience the March of the Living trip.  See for more information on the March of the Living program.

Alfred Hirsch Memorial Camp Ramah Fund

For member's children to attend Camp Ramah. Only interest and donations to the fund may be used.

Pauline & Alfred Cohen Memorial Youth Scholarship Fund

For the Youth Scholarships.

Shabbat Kiddush Lunch Fund

Income from sponsorship & contributions helps subsidize the Saturday Shabbat Lunch (& kiddush in the summer months).

J.E. Beer Memorial Israel Youth Fund

Interest & contributions assist in travel to Israel for high school students.

Rabbi Hyman Chanover Scholarship Fund

Interest & contributions assist in financial scholarships to Camp Ramah (or RS, Judaica High School).

Jack Tobin Memorial Fund

Interest & contributions divided with 50% going to the Camp Ramah scholarships & 50% to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund.

Howard Marc Horowitz Memorial Fund for USY Pilgrimage to Israel

Interest and donations only, to be used for USY Pilgrimage to Israel.

Andrew Berger Memorial Scholarship Fund

Interest and donations to be used as scholarships for our Religious School students.

Youth Center Contribution

Any Youth Department needs.

Ruth E. Cohen Scholarship Fund

Interest and donations for member's children's education at a Jewish day school or attend JTS to study for Rabbinate, Cantorate or Jewish educator.

Louis & Evelyn Miriam Horne Judaica High School Scholarship Fund

Use is for scholarships to R/S graduates to attend Judaica High School.

Craig P. Rieders Memorial Fund for USY on Wheels

This goes towards a USY Wheels trip that is held yearly.

Rabbi Solomon Geld Religious School Contribution

Any Religious School needs.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

Up to the Rabbi's discretion.

Music Fund

For any musical events, or cantorial performances.

Prayer Book Fund

For additional prayer books when needed.

Minyonaires Contribution

Helps subsidize the Minyonaires Department for the daily prayers, etc.

Yiskor / Yahrzeit Contribution

No particular destination, but the donation is included in the Scribe.