Boker Tov

BOKER TOV is a lay led parsha study group, meeting after morning services every Shabbat. We gather in the Social Hall (or the Chapel in the summer) following lunch or kiddush. Our discussion leaders are all volunteers, and each one chooses whatever point(s) he or she would like to discuss from the parsha of the week.

Questions for discussion focus sometimes on the text and comparing the interpretation of various scholars to our own perception. Just as frequently, our discussion questions focus on how we feel about some aspect of the story line or the particular wording in that week's parsha. Everyone is welcome to sit in on our discussion - to participate or just to listen.

We are always looking for discussion leaders, and those who are interested are invited to choose a Shabbat to facilitate the discussion. For information contact Sheila Grossman, 954-752-1365, [email protected].