Adult Ed Classes

These sessions will examine the Jewish view of the burning political issues of our times and how we might discuss such hot-button issues as immigration, health care, and foreign policy without losing our ability to speak to each other with kindness (a minimum number of registrants required).

Does thinking about cooking for the High Holidays conger up special memories and stories for you?  Join us for an enjoyable evening as we share our memories and cook an EASY and DELICIOUS High Holiday recipe which you can add to your repertoire.  Please bring your special recipes to share.

In today’s fast-paced society we often find it difficult to slow down and be grateful for the many blessings in our lives.  We will examine the steps to forgiveness and other methods for bringing spiritual balance to our journey of life.  Jewish meditation will be studied as a means for finding spiritual balance.  All seekers welcome.



Repentence, Prayer, and Acts of Kindness, are three themes of the Machzor and of the liturgy of the High Holidays.  Each of our three sessions will focus on one of these cornerstones and foundations of the Days of Awe.  Be prepared to be challenged and to share your thoughts.  Can one repent without sincere regret?  When we pray do we have to use a prayerbook; why can’t we just rely on our own thoughts and feelings?  Shouldn’t we do acts of kindness all the time and not as a way to avoid punishment?  These and other questions will form the focus of our three conversations.